Practice Tips for Parents

When a new school years begins, parents start to focus on ways to help their child to be organized and be successful in their class work. With just a little help and support from their parents, children can achieve the same level of success with their music assignments. Piano teacher Alex Bowen, of Stepping Stones Music in Great Britain, has written a great article on some simple strategies parents can use to help their children practice at home.

Here a few of Alex’s tips:

Practice should happen everyday-at first, even just a few minutes each day is enough to establish the practice habit.

Make it social- ask your child to play the pieces that you enjoy hearing him practice-ask him questions about them! Better yet, ask him to teach you how to play it! Practice can be a lonely experience- include other people.

Praise, Praise, Praise! Positive comments are fuel for productive practicing.

Children love to know that their parents are interested in and value what they’re doing-why not read Alex’s tips for sharing your child’s musical journey!