What Parents are Saying

“Excellent piano teacher! My children have learned so much in one year. Very professional and so  good with children”.

“Mrs. Drombosky is amazingly patient and effective with younger and newer students.”

“My son has been taking lessons from Kerry for about 5 years and has always enjoyed them. She uses technology to enhancethelessons and keep them fresh and exciting without sacrificing learning.”

“We are happy to have Kerry Drombosky as our children’s piano teacher. She is wonderful in dealing with the different personalities of our boys and has kept them motivated and interested in piano. By using both traditional methods of teaching and introducing modern approaches, such as computer games and apps, she keeps them engaged while making sure they learn the mechanics and dynamics of playing. She also devises year-long challenges and benchmarking activities that reward them for their diligence at the end of the year. Although she follows the overall curriculum based on the Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association guidelines, she also fine tunes her lessons to the needs and interests of each student…Mrs. Drombosky’s love of music is infectious, and her enthusiasm makes her an ideal piano teacher. We feel fortunate to have her teaching our boys and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

What Students are Saying

“We get to give ideas of what music we want to play”.

“I get to learn to read music that I can use for playing in bands and playing other instruments.”

“We get to make up songs!”

“I like real individualized instruction-makes me a better musician.”

“You learn cool songs that you don’t know”.

“Sometimes when we do songs I know, it’s fun to hear myself play them”.

“I love piano and since I no longer play in band at school, I can focus more on my own music. The thing I enjoyed most this year was learning more classical music and faster songs!”