The Kerry Drombosky Piano Studio offers private piano lessons to students from Kindergarten through high school in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Located near the border of Monroeville, Plum, and Penn Hills, the studio can be conveniently accessed from Route 22 or Old William Penn Highway.

The studio goal  is to encourage a life-long appreciation and participation in music  through piano. Learning to understand and feel rhythm, read music notation, develop an "ear" for music and an appreciation for a variety of music styles will provide the student with skills that can be used in school, church, community or at home  for years to come. Each student is a unique individual , with his or her own personality and learning style, and lessons are designed to meet their specific abilities and interests.

Lessons are taught in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Opportunities to work collaboratively with other students through technology projects, duets, and group activities help to integrate their lessons into their daily experiences. Music study teaches discipline, self-expression, reasoning, problem-solving, creative thinking, and the value of hard work in achieving a goal. But most important of all, learning to make our own music and share it with others is fun!